What's The Good Word?Handbook 1: Article 85 - Just Between us

In the beginning was the Word -- and the Word was Christ.

Like Christ, the Bible is alive -- vital -- a living book.

It is an in-depth experience in spiritual reality -- seeing, touching, tasting God in His element.

A letter from God to us -- personal -- intimate.

It's the wisdom of the ages.

It's the key to the future.

It's the truth with a capital "T".

It's a two-edged sword -- it cuts, slices, divides; separates:

  • The men from the boys,
  • The just from the unjust,
  • The serious from the frivolous.

It's as fresh as tomorrow morning's newspaper,

Contains more vitamins and minerals than steak and eggs,

Is more refreshing than Coca-Cola;

It's food -- nourishment -- drink.



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