SitemapThe Christian's Handbook 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Jesus Shall Be King
  3. To Know Him
  4. The Son
  5. Isaiah 53
  6. What It Means To Be A Christian
  7. Your Heart's Desire
  8. Pray Reading
  9. God Speaks - Can You Hear?
  10. Abide In The Word
  11. The First Time I Heard His Voice
  12. When Christ Returns
  13. Early Appointment With God
  14. Living In The Kingdom Of God
  15. Seek Ye First the Kingdom Of God
  16. Resolutions
  17. The Keys Of The Kingdom
  18. Repentance
  19. I Am The Chief Of Sinners
  20. Rebirth
  21. Obedience
  22. The Reality Of The Kindom
  23. The Wilderness Experience
  24. Danger To Your Lifestyle
  25. Humility
  26. Fulfill Your Calling
  27. Tribulation: Count It All Happiness
  28. Joy
  29. Not My Will But Thine Be Done
  30. Who Is In Charge?
  31. Tell It Like It Is
  32. I AM
  33. Reason Or Authority?
  34. More About Authority
  35. Depart From Me
  36. A Personal Glimpse
  37. No Two Ways About It
  38. The Land Of the Enemy
  39. Culture Shock
  40. Is This The Abundant Life?
  41. Security
  42. Possessions
  43. Your Giving Quotient
  44. Why Poverty?
  45. There's Only Room For One
  46. Choose Your World
  47. Strongholds
  48. The Binding Of Satan
  49. Faith Is
  50. Coming Out
  51. To Be Like Jesus
  52. Count The Cost
  53. Conformed To His Likeness
  54. The Filling Of The Holy Spirit
  55. The Unforgiveable Sin
  56. Put It On The Shelf
  57. Every Day With Jesus
  58. Being His Witness
  59. Impression Of The Holy Spirit
  60. The Great Commission
  61. Witnessing
  62. Love As A Covering
  63. Giving
  64. The Friend Of God
  65. God's Rest
  66. The Way
  67. Change
  68. How It Works
  69. Responsibility
  70. Our Thoughts
  71. Evil Thoughts
  72. Just Thinking
  73. Fantasy
  74. Jesus Was A Man
  75. The Mind Of Christ
  76. Our Emotions
  77. Expectations
  78. Self-control
  79. Feelings
  80. Fear
  81. He That Is In Me Is Greater
  82. Guilt
  83. Sorrow
  84. Part Of Me Died Today
  85. What's The Good Word?
  86. Desperation
  87. Love
  88. Speaking The Truth In Love
  89. What It Means To Love God
  90. Anger
  91. An Invincible Summer
  92. Open My Eyes
  93. My Tongue
  94. Our Tongue
  95. Listen To Yourself
  96. A Book Of Remembrance
  97. Prophecy And Prayer
  98. Test The Spirits
  99. Talking To God
  100. More About Authority
  101. The Body Of Christ
  102. Divine Work
  103. The Question Of Finance
  104. The Gifts
  105. An Opinion On Spiritual Gifts
  106. Counterfeit Gifts
  107. The Vision

The Christian's Handbook 2

The Christian's Handbook 3

  1. A Review: The Revelation, HB2
  2. The Revelation and Beyond, A Personal Journey
  3. My Personal Journey Begins
  4. Scriptural Responses, A Commission
  5. A History of Useless Words, A Kingdom of Priests
  6. Useless Words In My Generation, My Later Years in the O.V. Church
  7. Taking Responsibility For My Early Years, Presenting Myself For His Correction
  8. Instructions for My Personal Correction, A Check List!
  9. Quoting It Doesn't Make It So!
  10. Satan, Putty In Our Hands?
  11. Once Saved, Always Saved?
  12. Is Jesus Is Coming Soon?
  13. The Rapture, Fact Or Wishful Thinking!
  14. The Fear Of The Lord Is Old Testament?
  15. The Marriage Feast, A Dress-up Affair?
  16. Go To The Phones: Ministries And Money.
  17. Falling "Backwards" Into Healing?
  18. Prayer: A Misunderstood and Misused Privilege!
  19. The Martha Syndrome!
  20. Family God's Number One Good?
  21. Does My Heart Have A Spiritual Problem?
  22. Nobody's Perfect?
  23. Sanctification: An Obsolete Word?
  24. Faith Without Works Is Dead?
  25. Are We Being Stalked By An Adversary?
  26. Called Out? To What? Where? An Invitation
  27. A Measurement, A Plumb Line
  28. Measurement Of An Ancient King
  29. Measured And Found Wanting
  30. Knowledge Of God 101: A Fearsome Encounter!
  31. How To Acquire Knowledge
  32. What God Is Seeking!
  33. Knowledge Of My Heart! Knowledge Of God's Heart!
  34. Knowledge Of The Spirit
  35. A Vital Personal Knowing!
  36. Knowing Jesus
  37. Fixing My Eyes On Jesus
  38. Jesus and Perfection
  39. The Measure Of A Perfect Man
  40. Because He Is, I Can Become
  41. The Body Of Christ, The Mystic Church
  42. The Good Confession
  43. Ruler Of The Kings Of The Earth
  44. Jesus Changes For All Times The Meaning Of The Word -- Temple
  45. God's House, A House Of Prayer
  46. "Come And See!" Pressing On
  47. The Lord God As A Warrior
  48. Jesus As A Warrior
  49. God's People As Warriors
  50. Armor And Weapons Of Warfare
  51. God's Choice Of Weapons
  52. Prayer In The Spirit
  53. The Way Of God's Judgments
  54. "The" Faith And Spiritual Warfare: Prayer Without Ceasing!
  55. The Commission
  56. Pressing On!
  57. A Postscript: 9/24/09

The Christian's Handbook 4

The Christian's Handbook 5

  1. A New Assignment: 1/31/14
  2. God's Instructions: A Closer Look
  3. Beginning the Journey: Measuring Our Spiritual Maturity
  4. To Know Him
  5. Choosing Our World: Setting Our Minds on Things Above
  6. The Order of Things: Pressing On To Know The Lord
  7. The Mystery: Christ Jesus Himself
  8. Fixing our Eyes Upon Jesus, The Author and Perfecter of The Faith
  9. Obedience, The Perfecting of Our Faith
  10. Following in His Footsteps: Our Gift of Self!
  11. Of Great Spiritual Significance - That Little Word "In"
  12. Christ "In" Us: A Closer Look
  13. Glory, A Closer Look
  14. Our Hope of Glory: The Anchor of Our Soul
  15. A Fixed and Living Hope Begets a Fixed and Living Faith
  16. Jesus, the Mediator of a New Covenant
  17. Jesus, Our High Priest
  18. A Partaker of Christ: The New Creation
  19. Partaking of the Divine Nature: The Mind of Christ
  20. A Portrait of A Man Complete in Christ
  21. Dangers for the New Creation: Shrinking Back to Destruction
  22. Spiritual Dangers for the New Creation!
  23. The Measure, the Proof, the Fruit of Discipleship
  24. Abiding in His Word: A Listening Attitude
  25. Christ Jesus, The Great Shepherd of the Sheep
  26. A Glimpse of The "Tracks" of Righteousness
  27. Love, Grace, Righteousness, Salvation
  28. Working Out Our Own Salvation With Fear and Trembling
  29. The Springing Up of Righteousness
  30. The Springing up of God's Righteous Judgments
  31. The Substance and Evidence of Faith
  32. Offering to God An Acceptable Service
  33. Offering to God An Acceptable Service: The Greater Works!
  34. Personal Prayer: A Marvelous Privilege
  35. The Mystery of God's Will: The Summing Up!
  36. God's Will, the Greater Works, And Prayer
  37. The Greater Work in Progress as of this Date: 2/2/15
  38. Bearing Fruit that Remains: Prayer Becomes Prophecy
  39. The Greater Works and The Chain of Command
  40. Knowing Jesus as the Word of God: An Introduction
  41. Knowing Jesus as the Word of God: Two Personal Encounters!
  42. Knowing Jesus, The Word of God, as our Wisdom
  43. The Word of God and Wisdom: Practical Advice
  44. Knowing Jesus, The Word of God, as our Wisdom and Righteousness
  45. The Proclamation: An Administration of the Fullness of Time

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