Not My Will But Thine Be DoneHandbook 1: Article 29 - How's Your Kingdom Coming?

Our Lord was arrested under cover of darkness, tied, questioned, blindfolded, struck, whipped with leaded thongs, mocked, spat upon, made to wear a crown of thorns, and forced to carry a cross to His own crucifixion where He was stabbed, jeered at, and forsaken to the hour of His death.

Paul was beaten with rods (three times), stoned, shipwrecked, and lived in weariness and pain with sleepless nights. At various times he was hungry, thirsty, and cold. He faced dangers from flooded rivers, robbers, and from his own people, the Jews, as well as from the hands of the Gentiles. He was brought before authorities, questioned, and jailed several times. He was pursued, persecuted, and imprisoned and probably died an ignominious death.

You, the reader, on the other hand, as a Christian, are willing to experience:

a) All of the above

b) Some of the above. If you chose this answer, list your first five choices:


c) None of the above. My loving God, in His mercy, would not let me suffer that much.

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