Knowing Jesus, The Word of God, as our Wisdom and RighteousnessHandbook 5: Article 44 - Making Full the Word of God

" His doing you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us... wisdom and righteousness..."

1 Corinthians 1:30


"Let the word of Christ (or God) richly dwell within you with all wisdom..."

Colossians 3:16

"For the Lord gives wisdom;
From His mouth come knowledge and understanding;
He stores up sound wisdom for the upright;
He is a shield to those who walk in integrity,
Guarding the paths of justice,
And He preserves the way of His godly ones.
Then you will discern righteousness and justice
And equity and every good course.
For wisdom will enter your heart,
And knowledge will be pleasant to your soul..."

Proverbs 2:6-10

"Does not wisdom call,
And understanding lift her voice?

'I walk in the way of righteousness,
In the midst of the paths of justice...'"

Proverbs 8:1, 20

Walking in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of justice...

"O Upright One, make the path of the righteous level.
Indeed, while following the way of Thy judgments, O Lord,
We have waited for Thee eagerly;
Thy name, even Thy memory, is the desire of our souls."

Isaiah 26:8

Blessed is the man who listens to Me...

"When I remember Thee on my bed,
I meditate on Thee in the night watches,
For Thou hast been my help,
And in the shadow of Thy wings I sing for joy,
My soul clings to Thee;
Thy right hand upholds me."

Psalm 63:6-8

"At night with my soul I long for Thee,
Indeed, with my spirit I seek Thee diligently;
For when the earth experiences (Lit. has) Thy judgments
The inhabitants of the world learn righteousness."

Isaiah 26:7-9


"Does not wisdom call,
And understanding lift up her voice?

'To you, O men I call,
And my voice to the sons of men...
Counsel is mine and sound wisdom;
I am understanding and power is mine.
By me kings reign,
And rulers decree justice.
By me princes rule, and nobles,
All who judge rightly...
I walk in the way of righteousness,
In the midst of the paths of justice...'"

Proverbs 8:1, 4, 14-16, 20

Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing His praises!

"Sing to the Lord a new song.
And His praise in the congregation of the godly ones...
For the Lord takes pleasure in His people;
He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.
Let the godly ones exult in glory;
Let them sing for joy on their beds.
Let the high praises of God be in their throat,
And a two-edged sword in their hand,
To execute vengeance on the nations,
And punishment on the peoples;
To bind their kings with chains,
And their nobles with fetters of iron;
To execute on them the judgment written;
This is an honor for all His godly ones.
Praise the Lord!"

Psalm 149:1, 4-9

How it works:

"...He wakens Me morning by morning,
He wakens my ear to listen as a disciple..."

Isaiah 50:4

"In the morning, O Lord, you will hear my voice;
In the morning I will order my prayer to Thee and eagerly watch."

Psalm 5:3


"For the Word of God has sounded forth from you... in every place your faith toward God has gone forth..."

1 Thessalonians 1:8

"...the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn,
That shines brighter and brighter until the full day."

Proverbs 4:18

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