RepentanceHandbook 1: Article 18 - How's Your Kingdom Coming?

I was lonely, lost and frightened
When I first called Your name,
I said, "O God, I need you,
I know that I'm to blame,
For all that I have done
I know that I'm the one;
I'm ashamed."

I said, "O God, I'm sorry,
I know that I've done wrong."
You answered, "I forgive you,
Now come and walk along.
Fear Me and you will learn,
The path you will discern.
I am strong."

I've made so many errors
I need to say again,
"You know, O God, I'm sorry;
Yes, I remember when
I said that this was all
Again I would not fall."
Yet I sinned.

You know that I'm not like You.
To evil I will run.
Yet there's a higher nature
In Jesus Christ, Your Son.
And I can be like Him.
Through Him I need not sin.
He has won.

I want to be like Jesus
Though progress may be slow.
And I can be just like Him
Because You've said it's so.
And I can find a way
By believing every day.
For I know
He has won.

"His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness... we can become partakers of the divine nature..." (1 Peter 1: 3, 4)

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