A Personal EncounterHandbook 2: Article 4 - Consider Jesus

"I was on the island of Patmos, exiled there for preaching the word of God, and for telling what I knew about Jesus Christ. It was the Lord's day and I was worshiping, when suddenly I heard a loud voice behind me, a voice that sounded like a trumpet blast, saying, 'I am A and Z, the First and Last!' And then I heard Him say, 'Write down everything you see, and send your letter to the seven churches...'

When I turned to see who was speaking, there behind me were seven candlesticks of gold. And standing among them was one who looked like Jesus who called Himself the son of man, wearing a golden band across His chest. His hair was white as wool or snow, and His eyes penetrated like flames of fire. His feet gleamed like burnished bronze, and His voice thundered like the waves against the shore. He held seven stars in his right hand and a sharp, double-bladed sword in His mouth, and His face shone like the power of the sun in unclouded brilliance.

When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead...'"

Revelation 1:10-17 (Living Bible)

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