Christian's Handbook 1

Handbook 1 is a collection of Christian articles containing spiritual wisdom and knowledge derived from Christians' personal experiences in living daily for God.

Talking to God

Handbook 1: Article 99 - Just Between Us

Christian living is more than talking to God -- it is talking with God. Many people talk to God. Not so many talk with God. Our communications we call prayer. Communication, in the best sense, is "an interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information." We often tell God our thoughts, give Him our opinions, and offer Him information about ourselves and others. Sometimes we even tell Him about Himself, which always seems odd to me when I hear someone publicly pray in this manner.

I hear people talk to God. People tell me they talk to God. Seldom do I hear them say that God talked to them. Some have the false notion that they are so unworthy that God wouldn't speak to them. Christ made us worthy. Some have the notion that God hasn't spoken to anyone since the Bible was written. Not so. Many do not know how to listen or how to hear. It's not too late to learn. Some are even afraid of what He might say to them so they do all the talking and never take time to listen.

God talks to me. Why shouldn't He? He created me in His image. He loves me. Jesus gave His life for me. He has plans for my growth and development. He watches me every day and has a definite path for me to follow. Do you think He would keep silent? No, He doesn't keep silent. He talks to me.

The Holy Spirit is the instrument, like the telephone is an instrument of human communication. The Bible (Holy Scriptures) is the Word -- the vehicle of thought transfer.

For those in whom the Holy Spirit does not live, the Bible is merely literature, poetry and history. For those in whom the Holy Spirit lives, the Bible is all this and much more. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth, teach us much, and remind us of everything that He told us, and even tell us about the future. The primary way in which He communicates these things is in and through the Bible as we read and study. Anyone can read and study but only the Holy Spirit can give the Scriptures life and meaning.

When I "pray read" the Bible, the Holy Spirit teaches me what is true, makes me realize what is wrong in my life, straightens me out and helps me to do what is right. He answers my questions as I read and listen to Him. Through the Scriptures He tells me where to go and what to do. He tells me about the future; (future promises I hide in my heart to be realized when they come true at a later date).

God also speaks to me by the Holy Spirit through other literature. In Christian writings and even in secular writings God's Spirit points out other things He wants me to know. When God speaks this way it always agrees with the Bible and the fact that Jesus is the Christ.

Twice in my experiences with God, He spoke to me audibly. I can't tell you exactly why He chose to do so. I don't know if He ever will again. I couldn't prove it to a living soul. I can only say He did. I wouldn't recommend that you wait for Him to speak to you audibly.

I do recommend that you listen to what He wants to say to you via the Holy Spirit as you read the Word. When He speaks, believe. God does not lie. You can stake your life on what He tells you -- and He expects you to.


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